At DPP Tech, we know that every new hire is critical.   In an ever-evolving technology and digital landscape, building teams of IT professionals is critical for organizations to remain competitive. DPP Tech works as your partner, helping you reach your strategic goals.  Whether you require contract, contract-to-hire or full-time staffing, we are ready to assist.

Our recruiters are onsite in Bay Area.  They have built extensive networks in their respective tech sectors and unlike other recruiters, they didn’t do it just by skimming LinkedIn for connections.  This is a very qualified process that has marked differences from one that is more reliant upon job board response and database mining.  Through in-person meet-ups, conferences and referrals, our team has a reputation of knowing the tech industry and the most qualified people in it.

Our recruiters take a personal approach.  They will get to know the candidates in detail and gain a real understanding of who they are and what they can do.  We also work with candidates who are not actively looking for their next role; this exclusivity of relationship promotes our ability to closely define where the very best talent is and supply it to you.  It is our goal to find candidates that are not only going to have the skills and experience needed, but will also possess the personalities to suit our clients’ businesses.

In addition:

  • We conduct formal on-line technical testing which can be unique to your requirements – tests can be prepared by you too.
  • We have the latest technology available in online timesheets, work authorization checks and invoicing.
  • We provide payrolling and contractor transitioning services for those customers with their own direct hires or requiring a change in supplier.
  • We provide you with 1 point of contact for ease of engagement.

We look forward to working with you!