We combine top notch leadership with individual expertise to meet the needs of your business. With over 20 years of profitable operations under our belts, DPP Tech is a global solutions company providing Staffing, Technology Consulting, PMO/PPM services and Projects Tracking Software.

Our approach focuses on partnering with clients to determine what will work best for their organization. Our understanding of current and emerging technologies creates new avenues for the innovative application of IT solutions. Combining this deep understanding of various technologies and proven expertise in delivery, we provide a range of services that are innovative in design, well developed and executed, enabling our clients to not only implement successfully, but also derive the intended benefits out of the systems developed.

Our goal is to deliver quantifiable results in a timely and affordable manner to clients in key industry verticals worldwide. We integrate expert industry knowledge, experience, process, technology frameworks and strong partnerships, with a global workforce to provide strategic solutions that generate sustainable results.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different is our people. With decades of experience, we leverage the unique strengths and background of our expert consultants, bringing an unmatched breadth and depth of “real-world” technology solutions experience to our clients. DPP Tech employs a pool of consultants in leading technologies. Our delivery team has the skills and processes to meet the business-critical needs of our customers and provide qualified resources quickly.

Our staff is very technical and is in tune with all the new technologies. We focus on finding resources with strong technical backgrounds and a proven track record of successfully delivering projects.  Thus, our background, lower cost, expertise, and skills have been major factors in our continued success. The company is a trusted partner to Silicon Valley’s largest and most complex organizations.


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