About Us

Our Mission

Webster got it right.  The world has changed.  We are no longer locked into a single box, computer, or department.  We need to connect to the world … to your universe.   We need it done right, and we need it done now. 

We combine top notch leadership with individual expertise to meet the needs of your business.   Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with over 10 years of profitable operations under our belts, DPP Tech is a global solutions company providing Systems Integration, Global Sourcing Solutions and Consulting services.  Our goal is to deliver quantifiable results in a timely and affordable manner to clients in key industry verticals worldwide. We integrate expert industry knowledge, process and technology frameworks, strong partnerships, and a global workforce to provide strategic solutions that generate sustainable results. 

Our understanding of current and emerging business domains create new avenues for the innovative application of IT solutions, which is something that the team at DPP Tech continually strives to leverage. Combining this deep understanding of various domains, and proven expertise in technology, we deliver a range of services that enable our clients to not only achieve the intended benefits of the systems developed, but also helps generate long-term, sustainable advantages.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different is our people. With decades of experience, we leverage the unique strengths and background of our expert consultants, bringing an unmatched breadth and depth of “real-world” technology solutions experience to our clients.

With today’s technology, nearly anything is possible. DPP Tech is focused on providing business solutions designed to enable businesses to respond efficiently and effectively to changes in the marketplace. We implement solid business strategies and agile technology environments that support growth and improve business processes, performance and profitability for our clients. Our innovative solutions have allowed our customers to stay ahead of the technology curve and achieve their business strategies.

We are here to connect your universe and make it complete.