DPP Track – Construction

DPP Track Construction is a software solution that can oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from beginning to end. Users can manage the scope, budget, schedule, participants, materials, and labor. DPP Track controls a project’s time, cost and quality by maximizing resource efficiency and performance while keeping the project on track to be completed on time.

With DPP Track Construction, you can manage your projects from planning to execution, all in one platform. Share files, comments, manage each step of your project with the entire team. Stay up to date with real-time monitoring of your projects from construction timelines, deliverables, budgets, progress.

Access DPP Track Construction from any device. Invite stakeholders, contractors, and all people who may need to view aspects of your project. Create individual user profiles and privileges depending on the user.

  • 360 Degree Access to all construction projects
  • Customized User Profiles
    • Internal
    • External
    • GC’s / Contractors
    • Management
    • Specific Levels for each Stakeholder
  • Create targets and assign users or groups responsible for those targets
  • Manage resources
    • Workers / Teams
    • Contractor
    • Material Resources
    • External and Internal
    • Budget
  • Reporting
    • High Level for Management
    • Low Level for day-to-day activities

Manage all your construction projects from planning to execution. Need a specialized solution for the needs of your complex problem? Our platform is flexible and fit any need. We can customize solutions and reports depending on your criteria. We can integrate with your mapping systems like ESRI or Google.

We have years of experience with construction projects from the largest cities in the world. DPP Track is ready to take on any project.