Product – DPP Track

With all the complexities of today’s fast-paced IT environment, companies must not only measure a project’s output, but the way they deliver. Managers and executives have the daunting task of managing multiple complex projects at the same time, while balancing limited resources and capital. 


Why DPP Track?

Lack of visibility into the IT application landscape can cost an organization a lot of money and wasted resources.  DPP Track is built to monitor and manage your portfolio of projects within your IT organization effectively. The intuitive, easy to use SaaS platform gives your team instant access to be more productive across initiatives in one system of record. 


Product Features

Powerful Tracking

DPP Track is designed to monitor projects, plan and staff them with available resources, effectively prioritize work, manage budgets and communicate status to all involved parties. DPP Track is the perfect choice to manage your projects and tasks with an affordable, robust, and easy to use platform.


Portfolio visibility

DPP Track provides a real time system of transparency for the entire IT lifecycle and corresponding alignment with overall strategy.  With our innovative software, you will be able to align resources and investments with top-down organizational priorities while creating consistent workflows, standards, and processes. DPP Track effectively manages change throughout the project lifecycle while identifying risks, opportunities, and trends. 

DPP Track brings an entire system of control and visibility to your project portfolio management. 



Use the Pipeline feature to create a successful work intake process. Manage new project requests from the ideation phase to approval. Having visibility of the entire pipeline ensures better proposal review and approvals. It also enables better planning and organization for upcoming projects. 


Manage All Resources

DPP Track provides a real-time picture of all resource allocations including utilization, skills, and resource roles across an entire organization. With full visibility into resource supply and demand, DPP Track gives you all the information needed to make better allocation and time decisions.

Identify over-allocations and underutilized resources, to ensure the most important projects have the resources they need at the right time.


Capacity Planning

DPP Track’s resource planning tools help your organization effectively maximize the time and value of key resources. With full visibility in the application, easily identify over-allocations and underutilized resources, but also ensure the most important projects have the resources they need at the right time. Easy access to information like project priorities help resource managers make trade-off and project timing decisions quickly. 


Tasks Management

DPP Track’s tasks management feature enables managers to assign tasks by project and follow up using the pre-built real time report. One single area to manage all project tasks, assign priority and monitor its completion helps move the project forward.


Dashboard and Reports

DPP Track has numerous pre-built reports that give you instant real time changes and status of all your Projects. Share updates with your executives and stakeholders. DPP Track dashboard gives you the information and power to understand critical bottle necks and make the right decisions for effective project success.